Furious Steven Gerrard slams racial abuse to Rangers player: ‘I feel angry… I know Glen and I trust him 100%’

Rangers lost to Slavia Prague last night and exited the Europa League as a result, but the result pales in comparison to the racial abuse suffered by Glen Kamara.

The Czech side are counter-claiming that no such event occurred and in fact Ondrej Kudela was assaulted in the tunnel post-mach.

Gerrard though is under no doubt that the first even took place – and released a strong statement post-game.

“My player tells me he was racially abused,” Gerrard told ESPN. “I feel angry … I know Glen and I trust him 100% and it is extremely disappointing.

“If I wanted to say something to you on a football pitch, why do I need to cover my mouth and go to the ear? It is over to UEFA now this situation and I just hope it doesn’t get brushed under the carpet.”

We’d like to think UEFA would deal with this accordingly, but their history of imposing proper sanctions or even undertaking fair investigations is weak to say the least.


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